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Meet the Founder Natasha West

Founder and Principal Consultant of Pretti Homie Resume Services (2018), I specialize in creating professionally written resumes and providing my clients with the latest job search best practices. I have a Master’s degree in Health Administration, a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management with a concentration in Human Resources, and 9 years of experience in Recruitment/Talent Acquisition Management, and Human/Community Engagement. With over 850 clients to date, I take pride in the service that I provide to my clients because of the direct impact that it has on their lives and their families. What started as me helping friends and family prepare for the “big” interview, I realized that my purpose was linked to helping others advance in their careers and build a meaningful lifestyle, one resume at time.


Whether you are in the job market actively seeking employment, looking to breakout into a new career or
simply just want to ensure you are prepared if contacted by recruiters and hiring managers for that big
opportunity; having a professionally written resume is a sure way to boost your confidence and guaranteed
to increase interview call backs so that you can land the job you want.


Why you should consider hiring me:


  1. Professionally written resumes are 40% more likely to pass the initial screening process and land you an interview.

  2. Recruiters look at resumes for five to seven seconds. On average, there are approximately 150 applications submitted for any given advertised job and most Recruiters manage an average of 30 positions at one time. You do the math…

  3. Over 50 percent of applications are weeded out by talent-management software using keyword filters, also known as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). This means, your resume must be tailored specifically to your desired career interest. There is no such thing as a “general resume”





  1. Complete the Contact Form, upload your resume (if available), and schedule your 15 minute consultation using the link provided after submitting your form. 

  2. ​Select your desired service. (You may select a service before or after your consultation.)

  3. ​Once I have completed your desired service, I will send your finalized documents in both Word and PDF formats via email along with tips and best practices for a successful job search.


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Upload File

Thank you for your submission. You will be sent an email to schedule your consultation via my Calendly Scheduling App.

Office Hours: M - F 10:00am - 7:00pm 

Phone: (404) 927-3485

All Resume Packages Include:

  • Free 15 minute consultation

  • Cover Letter Template

  • Salary Analysis

  • Research and market analysis of your current skills and qualifications to ensure when articulating your experiences that you’re aligned with what employers are seeking.

  • Modern and chic resume format with a complete list of your notable skills and qualifications.

  • Comprehensive descriptions of your contributions and responsibilities for employment and educational history.

  • Job Search best practices and interview preparation resources.



I also accept Zelle, Cashapp, & Apple Pay. At this time I do not accept  PayPal Pay Later. All services are completed once full payment is received. Thank you!

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